Acid Reflux/ Post Nasal Drip Prevention:

  • Last 2 hours before sleeping : water only - AFTER 8 PM
  • Use Gaviscon Advance - 10ml after any late night nibble
  • Drink >1.5 litres of water a day
  • Limit tea/coffee intake (diuretic effect, weakens stomach valve)

Diet Recommendations:

  • Eating 3 meals a day is important
  • Whole wheat Pronutro/ Jungle Oats/Weetbix/Eggs for breakfast
  • Salad / Low GI bread 2 slice sandwich for Lunch
  • STARVING is a bad thing – hence snack between meals
  • Dinner – 3 quarter of plate SALAD/ VEGETABLES + fish/chicken/meat
  • Dessert - fruit salad + plain, full cream  yoghurt
  • AVOID GAS/fizzy drinks = 8 spoons of sugar per can
  • Thick Juices not much better – rather apple juice/ cranberry juice
  • Avoid sweets, biscuits, chocolates and especially pies, rotis, rice (incl brown & basmati), pasta and potatoes (incl Chips)


SWEAT producing exertion 30 min 3 x per week, increasing to 5x/ week later

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